2018 Christmas Carnival for Foster Children in Weld County


The 2018 Christmas Carnival for Foster Children in Weld County was a huge success! We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to help with the event again this past year. It is a chaotic and busy time of year, but I'm not sure it would feel like Christmas without this special event to look forward to each December and put into perspective the many blessings in our lives. Each year this event takes a spotlight in our home and our business where friends, family members, and clients help us pull it off by donating gifts, wrapping paper, and giving of their time to volunteer. 

Thank you to all the case workers at Weld County Human Services who work tirelessly with these kids every day and still took of their own time to put these parties together. Toilynn Edwards, John Killen, Alyssa Loma, Charlene Montgomery, Jennifer Fogg, Kathleen Jensen, Shanon Staires, veronica Cavanos, Esther Comacho, Brent Miller, and the many others who helped make these events happen!

I wanted to specifically thank Rebecca Lorenz at Cornerstone Home Lending for the time she put into heading up the events, coordinating with volunteers, recruiting donations, planning and executing crafts and games for the party, and delivering gifts to children who weren't able to attend the Christmas parties. Without her these parties would not happen. Thank you for all you do and for letting us be a part of it!


2018 Christmas Carnival for Foster Children in Weld County


Thank you to Ani Hulse for the time you spent behind the scenes in coordination of the event, designing graphics, stuffing stockings, and recruiting donations. You were a great addition to the team this year!

The owners and photographers at Megan Grove Photography and Lilly Jean Photography came together for the second year in a row to document the evenings, and capture a photo of each child with Santa for them to take home with them. These photos make a memorable keepsake for the children but also serve a huge role in our fundraising efforts within the community for the events year after year. Thank you both for the many hours of both time and effort you devoted to making Christmas special for these sweet kiddos.

Thank you to my mom who handmade over 600 stockings for the second year in a row so that each child could receive a stocking from Santa. The fact that she makes all of these stocking continues to shock and impress everyone involved in the events. Thanks mom!

Thank you to Cassi Wedel and Wedel & Associates for helping us with a coat drive that provided warm clothing to dozens of children who were going without. Thank you to Blush Boutique in Greeley for holding a toy drive for us and your wonderful customers who dropped off gifts for these deserving children. Thank you to the generous employees at Guild Mortgage for donating gifts as well. Thank you to Eileen's Colossal Cookies of Greeley for donating 1,000 cookies to the parties- they were so yummy! 

I owe a huge thank you to all of our clients who attended our Fall Festival in November and donated gifts. Thank you to the hundreds of individual members of our community who volunteered, and donated gifts, stocking stuffers, party supplies, wrapping paper, and desserts, and who contributed financially to the Realties for Children Weld County Christmas fund. There were so many giving individuals involved in pulling off this event, an enormous collaborative effort that is truly amazing to be a part of! Thank you Northern Colorado! 


Northern Colorado Realtor, Joanna Gyrath